Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got Wood?

Here is another fun swap I participated in for the Art Charms group. The theme was wood, so we had to make charms incorporating wood in some manner. The possibilities were endless - wooden beads, sticks, blocks, spools, shapes - you get the idea. I was poking around my local Ben Franklin store in the packaged wood items and found some cute, little spools. I decided to wrap them with wire and add beads as I wrapped. It was a challenge getting that springy wire to stay on the spools, but I finally came up with a system that worked. I was happy with the way these turned out.


Debi Devitt said...

I've always wondered what could be done with those old little wooden spools. That's cool, Francine!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely ADORABLE!!! so neat....I think I may have some of my mom's old wooden you mind if I borrow this idea?? thank you for stopping by my blog, so wonderful to have you. I was born and raised in Placerville, are you from anywhere near there?? (I hope you don't mind me asking)
Have a peaceful weekend!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Super fun! xo