Monday, November 24, 2008

Whart Will You Say Yes To In Your Life?

Suzi Blu's art challenge was, What Will You Say Yes To In Your Life? Many of us in Suzi's group are participating in the 3 Week Challenge, November 23 through December 14, which is based on the book The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path of Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron. This book is guiding us on the journey to discover and recover our creative selves, to encourage our artist brain, and to disarm the logic brain that is the constant critic that stifles our creativity. I say "Yes" to having the courage to let myself take chances in my art. What will you say "Yes" to? Want to join the callenge?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Days of Yesteryear ATC Swap

The theme of this swap was Days of Yesteryear. It was make 3 and get 3 back. This swap was really fun because the theme had so many possibilities.

Because it was so close to election time, I chose to do votes for women. Can you imagine what it must have been like for these courageous suffragettes motoring through the states in an effort to get women the vote? This photo was taken in 1916 in the Nevada desert. It must have been a real challenge traveling in the heat in a car with no air conditioning and wearing those long dresses with long sleeves, and who knows what they wore underneath - corsets, pantalets?

I have always admired Annie Oakley. She was born in 1860 in a log cabin in Ohio. Her father died when she was 9 years old, so Annie shot game to feed her family. She gained the reputation as being an expert marksman. At the age of 16 she entered a shooting competition in Cincinnati where she competed against another expert marksman, Frank Butler. Annie won the competition by one point and also won Frank Butler's heart. They married and performed in a traveling shooting act. In 1885 they joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, and Annie was the star of the show for 17 years. Annie Oakley succeeded in breaking down barriers for women with her determination, strength of character, talents, and accomplishments.

The Jazz Age was a flamboyant time. New attitudes, and the philosophy of individualism were epitomized by the flapper culture. Flappers had style; they were "modern". They were considered fast and brazen by the older generation. Flappers wore makeup, bobbed their hair, wore glitzy, baggy dresses that exposed their arms, short skirts that exposed their legs, and wore their stockings rolled down and powdered their knees. They were the flaming youth of America.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gothic Arch Theme

The theme for this week is Vintage Children; here is what I came up with.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Intuitive Collage

Nurture the Inner Child

The Journey

The prompt is to go through magazines and intuitively choose images that catch my attention and elicit a reaction . I started with a background, and once that was glued down I began looking at the various images that I thought I might want to use on my page. I began arranging the images on my page, but was surprised that some of the images I thought would work, didn't. When I was happy with my arrangement, I glued everything in place. I studied my finished collages to see if I could find some meaning for myself in what I had put together.

In Nurture the Inner Child, I see the background as being a setting of peace and serenity, like being on vacation. The dream-like woman represents me and my dreams of what I want to accomplish. The clock tells me that it's a time in my life to throw off any constraints and let my inner child come out to play. The child is standing in the water which represents life - placid on the surface, but with currents flowing beneath. The bird represents a time of stillness to enjoy the process; the butterfly symbolizes freedom to fly with my dreams.

In The Journey, the woman walking on the road is myself. I'm larger than my surroundings because I'm confident I can overcome whatever diversions come my way. In my hand, I carry a plant, symbolizing growth. I am growing and maturing as I am on this journey. I have been on this journey for some time. The various buildings in the background indicate that I have stopped along the way. The mountains represent my inner strength, stability, and endurance. The clouds tell me that I will not always have blue skies, but challenges will come. The stone arch is my protection and shields me. It also emphasizes that the focus is on me - I am the one who decides which direction I will travel. The flower reminds me to see the beauty all along the way. The open door represents new opportunities that await me as I travel along my road.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My interpretation of the Doodles Sampler prompt.