Thursday, April 15, 2010

1960s Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a challenge for our Blind Faith art group. I applied gesso to a cigar box that I acquired at a yard sale last summer, choosing red as my main color and blue for some of my lettering and for accent. I found some 60s themed scrapbook paper to cover the front and as a lining on the inside of the shrine. I glazed over the papers to mute the bright colors and then stamped peace symbols in white. I bought a package of zig zag cigarette papers and painted them using acrylic colors that coordinated with the scrapbook paper. To make my collage on the inside cover of the shrine, I photocopied some of the mini posters and other ephemera I had collected when I frequented the Avalon Ballroom and Haight Street in San Francisco. I drew the flower child and gave her bell bottoms and a tie-dyed shirt. The "roach clip" is actually a hair clip that I embellished with beads and and charms. I printed out the words from the song Where Have All The Flowers Gone on a transparency, cut them in strips, and glued them around the inside of the shrine.

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Linda said...

Hey you're back. Cool box. Looks like you had fun with it.